Collaborative Couriers

#BCM214 – Social Innovation

Over the semester our group focused on the project the ‘Collaborative Couriers’ which began as a way of assisting small businesses and creatives find a solution that is both cost effective and sustainable (Shan 2019). Increasing sustainability of the way we undertake our daily lives is a major issue facing our society as we struggle with the balance of convenience versus preservation.  

Shipping and freight movement is a major contributor to both air and water pollution as well as being a huge consumer of fossil fuels, therefore an important issue to address when developing ways to become more sustainable. The impacts of freight movement can be clearly outlined through statistics, with over 1000mt of CO2 being let out into the atmosphere yearly (Transport & the Environment 2022). Contributing 3% of the global emitted CO2 per year. With the current statistics by the EPA (2021) stating that 56tons of freight per person is moved per year in the US alone and a 45% increase expecting by 2040 a clear issue is identifiable. 

The video created has been themed around sustainability and targeted specifically for small businesses and creatives who wish to become more sustainable. The concept of the video is a ‘tips and tricks’ perspective, ultimately providing a short and convenient guide to sustainability. The video can be used to both bring awareness of the current issue as well as soft launch into how people can change their daily habits to become more sustainable. Being made for professionals within their field the tips and tricks were made short to ensure the content is easily digestible and convenient (Ryan 2016). The visual elements used within were chosen to create calm and demonstrate purity of nature, which is the outcome of implementing the tips shown. 

Using the graphic design platform Canva, the video was created using different stock videos and copyright free music. The video was created using the platform by layering elements and animations to create the desired visual effects shown in the clip. Contrast was used in the video to convey cause and effect with brown, industrial tones used to describe the severity of the cause and green/blue natural tones used for the solution. The clip was set out with a story line leading to the advantages of ‘Collaborative Couriers’ through the subtle conversation built within the video about the tips for sustainable shipping. Uplifting music, visual elements of togetherness such as the hands reaching to one another, animations as well as distinctive wording (“share the load”) was chosen to inspire change by creating a feeling as if the individual will be joining a community created for positive change. 

YouTube was chosen to allow for a broad of audience of people to gain access to the video. It also allows for the function of the video to be shared across other platforms without the redownloading and submitting therefore can be distributed on other networking sites such as LinkedIn which are suitable channels for networking within the professional industry. 

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