Collaborative Couriers

#BCM214 – Social Innovation Over the semester our group focused on the project the ‘Collaborative Couriers’ which began as a way of assisting small businesses and creatives find a solution that is both cost effective and sustainable (Shan 2019). Increasing sustainability of the way we undertake our daily lives is a major issue facing ourContinue reading “Collaborative Couriers”

“what might have you not seen” – censorship

Within the evolution of digital media the concept of censorship has become a widely discussed topic across the world as new social media platforms find balance between protecting users from sensitive content such as pornography vs limiting users ability to have a sense of free speech. In the modern technological era, Censorship can come fromContinue reading ““what might have you not seen” – censorship”

Digital Asia – Growing trends with Censorship

‌The growing expansion of Digital Asia over the past decade has allowed for a greater exchange of information and media between people. The development of new platforms provides new ways of connection, with financial, social and political transactions all now possible via digital platforms, ultimately removing the barriers. This is especially apparent in the currentContinue reading “Digital Asia – Growing trends with Censorship”


Over the past decade Esports (Electronic Sports) have increased in popularity and become a strong aspect of global popular culture and especially in Asia. Esports refers to the concept of competitive video gaming within the online space, often conducted in multiplayer settings where players meet with other users virtually.  The realm of Esports goes beyondContinue reading “AlphaGo – ME VS THE COMPUTER”

Blog Post 1 – Live Streaming to the World

While the term digital encompasses anything with numerical digits, media refers to a method of transmitting information. Digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, modified, listened to, and preserved on a digital device, this allows for faster and more versatile communication, but can also lead to data security issues. In the expanding world of technology,Continue reading “Blog Post 1 – Live Streaming to the World”

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